View our choices below for a self driven day tour to view both Lorne and it’s surroundings, or Melbourne for those heading back to the city after the Conference. Click on the links provided for more information and to read more.

Great Ocean Road - Itinerary

The 2018 Australian Indigenous Tourism Conference is based in Lorne, Victoria, along one of Australia’s most iconic destinations, the Great Ocean Road. As part of their visit, delegates can expect to see the towering 12 Apostles, get up close to native wildlife, take in iconic surf breaks, pristine rainforest and misty waterfalls.

With the conference itself taking place on Gadabanud country, people of the Eastern Maar, the wider Great Ocean Road is home to the most unique landscapes that hold special significance for local Aboriginal people. Visitors can see Victoria’s magnificent natural wonders on this route including the now dormant 30,000-year-old volcanoes, they can enjoy an immersion into Aboriginal culture and can end the trip in the north with a visit to rock art.

To activate your local Aboriginal experience, the conference suggests the following experiences.

Great Ocean Road Itinerary loop 2 Day Tour 2/3 November

Friday 2 November

South Western Victoria is home to the most unique landscapes that hold special significance for local Aboriginal people. In South West Victoria, visitors can see Victoria’s magnificent natural wonders including the now dormant 30,000-year-old volcanoes of Budj Bim, the surrounding Tyrendarra Indigenous Protected Area and Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve.

Learn how Aboriginal people lived on and off these areas for thousands of years and are now involved in the management of the areas. If you have enough time post conference, see both.

Located between Warrnambool and Port Fairy is Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. Tower Hill is a volcanic formation believed to have erupted about 32,000 years ago. Its formation is known as a "nested maar" and is the largest example of its type in Victoria.

11:00am - Worn Gundidj Aboriginal Cooperative offers a 90-minute walk with local guides to explore the wildlife at Tower Hill and discover the natural habitat of some of Australia’s most iconic animals. Alongside the crater, the Wildlife is a drawcard here at Tower Hill as its name suggests. You can expect to see koalas, wallabies, emus and a broad range of bird species. Backing that is the strong Aboriginal culture where visitors can identify native plants for food and medicinal purposes and top it off by throwing a boomerang.

Duration: 1 hour 

  • Adult - $25.50
  • Child - $11.50

3:00pm - At Budj Bim, more than 30,000 years ago, the Gunditjmara witnessed the ancestral creation-being. The now dormant volcano is the source of the Tyrendarra lava flow, which changed the drainage pattern in this part of western Victoria and created large wetlands. From here, Gunditjmara people built a network of eel traps around 6,000-years ago to manage eels. See how this part of Victoria is all linked together for Gunditjmara people and how it sustained their culture through to modern day with tours occurring at Tyrendarra Indigenous Protected area.

Budj Bim Tours - $50.00pp Tyrendarra Spend two and a half (2.5) hours on country with tour guides looking at different types of fish and eel traps at Tyrendarra

Optional Overnight: Hamilton - Hit the road before dusk to avoid the amount of Kangaroo’s and emu’s joining you. 

Saturday 3 November

From Gariwerd (The Grampians) through to Geelong, there are hundreds of kilometres of Aboriginal history and Gariwerd is home to at least 80 percent of Victoria’s rock art. In addition to Brambuk, The National Park & Cultural Centre, there are five shelters open to the public: Manja, Billimina, Ngamadjidj, Gulgurn and Bunjil.

9:30am – At Brambuk, The National Park & Cultural Centre go on a three-hour journey on ‘Bunjil’s Creation Tour’ which tells the story of the creation story of the Grampians and traverse through to significant rock art sites with your guide. Along the way, you will about the cultural, historical, and spiritual significance of the area and learn more about contemporary Aboriginal stories back at the cultural centre.

Duration: 3 hours

  • Bunjil’s Creation Tour $80

12:30pm – Before you head off, we suggest you grab a bite to eat at the Bushfoods Café at Brambuk to get an assortment of Wattleseed Damper a Kangaroo Sandwich or Emu Sausages.

Before and After

Either before or after your trip, a must see is Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre, situated in Geelong, the Gateway to the Great Ocean Road. The Centre’s Indigenous art gallery shows a collection of authentic Aboriginal art from around Australia, including pieces by internationally acclaimed artists. The on-site café boasts an Indigenous-inspired menu and uses native ingredients to create dishes such as kangaroo sliders, smoked eel and macadamia salad.

Post itinerary options for AITC Conference

Melbourne post tour Friday 2 November

Enjoy an array of urban experiences that covers arts, culture, food and nature. In Melbourne, the Aboriginal story, both historical and contemporary, is rich and diverse. This itinerary will have you leaving at 8:30am in the morning post conference.

11:00am - You will discover this by kicking off your Melbourne experience through a walk with an Aboriginal guide at Royal Botanic Gardens. The guide can give you an understanding into how local Aboriginal groups lived off the land with an emphasis into local ecosystems and flora and fauna.

Duration: 1.5 hours

  • Adult - $35

1:00pm - You will have worked up an appetite after this walk, so stop off for a native tasting plate or a heartier main of emu, lamb, kangaroo or wallaby at Charcoal Lane. In keeping with the Melbourne art theme, be sure to check out the mural that runs the length of the building which paints a picture of the history of Aboriginal Fitzroy.

On Thursdays and Fridays at 1:00pm, Koorie Heritage Trust offers the ‘Birrarung Wilam’ guided walks along the Birrarung Maar. The Birrarung Maar is the Aboriginal name for the Yarra River and the guide will be sure to give you the story behind it in addition to the various places of Aboriginal significance along the way. The Trust is also home to collections of Aboriginal art and historical objects from all across Victoria.   

Duration: 1 hour

  • Adult - $33

2:00pm - After lunch, take a walk up the street to Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre for an interactive tour through the nation’s premiere, cutting-edge Aboriginal cultural centre. Your journey here will be accompanied by an Aboriginal guide to give you a perspective of history, contemporary Victorian Aboriginal life alongside audio visual displays and interactive activities.

Entry Price: $15

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